CLIENT WORK: Packaging Design Commission

Just at the end of maternity leave, an exciting project came my way - I was asked to design a pattern & label for a silversmith who is launching a new business.

She loved my style of illustrations, and really wanted something hand drawn which was sophisticated and floral as a pattern to be use across her brand.

It was a really exciting chance to collaborate and work on something completely new for me; packaging was always something I could see my artwork being perfect for and now was my chance to put that idea into practice.

One of the requirements to was a have a gold foiled accent somewhere, and after several drafts, it was decided that the name of the business would be in gold.

Here is a chance to see the mood board for the project, and a mock-up of what the various options may look like on a gift box. The customer was thrilled - she particularly liked the pattern with the green watercolour wash. I can't wait to see the final pattern being used across her packaging range...