FOR THE JOY OF IT: Wedding Stationery Commission

There are just some projects that you are thrilled about doing & this was one of them. I was asked back in October to design an illustration to be used across wedding stationery. The two lovely people getting married are friends of mine; I was thrilled at the news of their engagement & even more thrilled to be asked to design their wedding invites (for a wedding at the end of December 2016).

They loved my Wild Letters series & asked if I could design something similar for them. It was such a joy to work on this. Today of all days, it seemed appropriate to write a post about it, as this morning, what should land on my door mat? But an invite to their wedding reception! (It was kinda weird to receive your own artwork in the post - but a lovely surprise on such a grey and cold November morning).

Working with my clients (read 'Friends'), I created a mood board based on their ideas - this helped to consolidated fonts, illustration styles and a colour palette.

There were a few personal requests like the inclusion of a blackbird on the M & a hedgehog on the J.

Then it was down to business of drawing and painting the artwork, scanning it, creating the invite layouts in Photoshop, designing the layout for the invitation wording and creating the print ready files for the printer... All in a days work for April Mawhinney Design Studio.

My clients were so thrilled with the final design (and so am I).

Here's to a fab wedding day! <3