Whilst following the trends as they emerge for 2018, I have fallen head over heels for the opulence of velvet that is emerging as the new go-to texture for 2018.

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The trends seems to show a move away from grey (as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it as a neutral), and towards more colour in our homes. This news makes me makes me so excited, as we love our glorious florals and geometric prints here at April Mawhinney Design Studios.

There definitely seems to be more geometric and florals prints coming along which combined, create amanzing eye-catching interiors.

Also, although we have had lots of Millennial Pink in 2017, I see that a subtler shade of this colour is emerging. It is a shade that will sit beautifully alongside aubergine, teal, and emerald green! Wow! Colours I just love, especially on a grey Northern Irish Day!

Interior Design Trends 2018 - Emerald green, teal, augerine and blush all come together to create apaces which are full of boho elegance | Home Decor Trends | Interior Design Inspiration 2018 |

But if full-on blush and pink are your thing, then here is a moodboard for you...

Blushing Interiors moodboard. All things blush and rose gold for you and your home.

I'm so excited for the new themes, colours and styles popping up. I can't wait to work with more velvet, and a bolder colour palette. I'm already talking to a fantastic UK based supplier & can't wait to share our new projects for 2018.

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Bye for now... 

April x

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