Maternity Leave 2018

There are exciting times ahead for the clan, as I am due with my second baby in the first week of October 2018.


So this is just to let you know from 27th September 2018, April will be on maternity leave. Rather than shutting the online shop, this will remain open with limited stock availability and longer lead times for delivery of our lovely pieces. I plan to be on maternity leave until beginning of July 2019, but I have a wonderful team of volunteers who will be on hand to dispatch our lovely pieces, so never fear, business will resume as usual (if just a bit slower).

Consequently, we will have limited stock of many of our products available to purchase, so if there is something you would like for yourself, as a gift or as a Christmas present, then I recommend popping over to our shop and grabbing that item before they are all gone.

Linen and velvet cosmetic bags | Irish Design | APRIL MAWHINNEY DESIGN STUDIO
Linen Plant Pots | Irish Design | APRIL MAWHINNEY DESIGN STUDIO
Linen and velvet cushions | Printed Fabric | Textile Design| Irish Design | APRIL MAWHINNEY DESIGN STUDIO


With regard to freelance Textile Design & illustration work, all of this will be on hiatus until I return from Maternity Leave in July 2019.

Textile Designer | Surface Pattern Design | Irish Design | APRIL MAWHINNEY DESIGN STUDIO


Thank you for all your support - having a baby is such a life-changing event & it is fantastic to have such wonderful customers, clients and family who understand our brand and are there behind me, supporting it.

Of course there will be an update once baby number two makes its way into the world!

April x

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