Superfresco Easy Illustrative Navy Floral Mica effect Smooth Wallpaper

Back in 2017, I designed and hand drew a wallpaper design for my (then) agent. The brief was for hand drawn florals, and this particular design, which ended up being sold to B & Q / Graham and Brown, was inspired by my 6 month old daughter, Juno. We call her June-Bug (for short!), so I ended up incorporating bugs and insects into the design.


Each motif was hand drawn individually on smooth heavy weight (120 gsm) printer paper using Staedtler Pigment liners. I honestly can’t remember which nib size I used, but possibliy, 0.1mm or 0.3mm, as those are my most used sizes.

I don’t tend to draw on smooth watercolour paper or cartifridge paper for a few reasons:

  1. The heavier watercolour paper is not needed when you just use pen, as the paper isn’t getting wet. After years of experimenting, I find smooth quality 120 gsm printer paper is the best for fine liner pens, and the surface texture and ‘tooth’ of watercolour paper tends to catch on the pen’s nib.

  2. Watercolour paper expensive! And what is the point when it is going to be scanned in? The heavyweight printer paper is much more economical to use.

  3. I do not want the texture of the paper to be part of the final design. So the whitest and smoothest paper is the best.

After all the drawing was completed (I did this all in one sitting so there is no change in style of drawing), each motif was scanned in, cleaned up, the white back ground removed in Photoshop, and put into repeat. This is when the magic starts, and you can see the design building on your screen. If you want to know more about the process of creating repeats in Photoshop, I teach the techniques for this over in my skillshare class found here.


I remember very clearly, that I wanted the half drop repeat this wallpaper design to sit perfectly on the 52cm width of the wallpaper. This means it would be hung on the wall with a half drop match, rather than each drop sitting perfectly side by side. It does mean that there can be a bit more wastage in terms of wallpaper that is used and bought, BUT the upside to this, is a pattern across a wall which is more interesting to the eye.



A friend of mine was in B & Q the other day and spotted the paper, which, unbelievably, I had kinda forgotten about. She took this photo and messaged it to me. It is lovely to re-discover it, see that it has had wonderful reviews on the B & Q website, and also that customers have posted images of it up in their houses.



If you would like to purchase this wallpaper yourself, you can find it here. I am currently renting, so hanging wallpaper is not something I want to do, so if you do buy it yourself, I always love seeing photos of it up.

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