Tools to create a Gallery Wall

Today I felt the itch of wanting to decorate my house again!! It is around this time of the year that I always start wanting to refresh my surroundings; to dust of the winter vibes and fully embrace opening our french doors to the garden, and letting the outside come inside.

Often, in previous years I have found myself in the DIY store, buying paint and rollers and whacking up some new colour onto the walls, just to make it feel more zingy and cheery (I blame lockdowns and COVID). But this year,  I have a different plan (I mean, how many times can you keep repainting the same wall?) and I have decided to refresh and mix up my artwork displays. 

Making a curated gallery wall is so much fun! I have a few tools which I have bought to make this easier (see blog post) and with a multitude of shops selling great A4 and A3 frames at reasonable prices, this is the time to grab a hammer and embrace the gallery wall!!


I have created quite a few of these displays in my house and below are the things/tools I have found very helpful...

1. Picture Hanging Tool from Amazon

Picture Hanging tool from Amazon


2. Picture Hanging Kit from Amazon


3. Frames from The Range

4. And if you make a mistake... This is definitely one of the best I've used!

Polyfilla One Fill from B&Q


I hope these tools make it fun to create a gallery wall. And if you like any of the prints you see here, you can shop the full collection on the Prints section of my website.

April x

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