Paints & Fabrics to elevate your interior scheme

I have spoken to many clients and customer's throughout my career designing wallpapers and fabrics, and I am aware that many find pinning down an interior's look either tricky, time-consuming or confusing. Perhaps you love a wallpaper, but don't know where to start finding the perfect paint colour to work with it.

So that is why I wanted to create a collection with intention, with a mini arsenal of complimentary paint colours and fabrics which would help! :)


One of the cornerstone's of the decision making process for my Deadly Nightshade Collection was to be able to suggest a range of interior's paints and plain furnishing fabrics that would compliment my collection.

I have put together a concise list which can be used alongside my designs, to help you build a layered and cohesive interiors space.

Below is a list of interior's paint colours and fabrics that will inspire. And even, if you decide the options I have given are not for you - they will certainly act as a starting point to catapult you forward with your colour confidence!


PAINTS - The Pickleson Paint Company

Below are paint colours by The Pickleson Paint Co. that are perfect partners for my fabrics and wallpapers. I used samples of their paints to colour-match my fabrics and wallpapers.  You can order samples from their website.

The Pickleson Paint Co. was born from a desire to create beautiful paint that’s truly sustainable. They do everything they can to make sure the paint doesn’t harm the people who use it or the environment, whilst giving them the opportunity to transform their home. They're here to provide you with genuinely amazing paint. Great coverage, quick drying and non-toxic.

Please click on the swatches...


What I also love about them, is that the paint samples provided on painted paper - you do not get a pot of paint. This is really important to me, as pots of paint (although the pot is likely to be recycle-able), the paint is not -  so if you don't use it all up and take it to your local recycling centre, the pots of paint either end up in landfill or incinerated. With the paper samples, you can recycle them or use them for a craft project. Yay!

Of course you do not need to use this exact paint or company, but the colours will hopefully start a dialogue about what would work alongside my wallpapers and fabrics.


FABRICS - Linwood's Omega Velvet

Linwood are a Hampshire-based family business which strive to put excellence at the heart of everything they do. They use trusted mills to bring generations of expertise, so their fabrics are imbued with rich, vivid hues that are unique to Linwood.

Linwood's Omega Velvet is gorgeously soft and durable. It also has a clever stain-resistant finish, so will repel everyday spills. Use this upholstery velvet fabric to cover sofas, armchairs, and headboards or to make velvet curtains. All samples can be ordered from their website, and should you find your perfect fabric, use their stockist search to find your nearest stockist. :)

Click on each image...

Moleskin Velvet III Blush

Omega Jade

Omega Sherbet
Omega Canary
*Wild Card fabric for extra zing!!...

Omega Apple

Omega Carmine
I really hope this list helps, and I just wanted to confirm that I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. I do not receive money or an incentive for recommending them. This is purely my own opinion and I recommend you always order samples of fabrics and paints before making your final selections.
Until my next chat,
April x
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