Step 2 To Achieving Maximalist Decor Greatness: The Colour Palette

STEP 2 - Let's talk about colour palettes.


So in my last blog post Step 1 To Achieving Maximalist Decor Greatness, I talked about finding your starting point to creating a maximalist interior, and how selecting a hero print will become the backbone of the scheme.


I wanted to challenge you to find what makes you happy; to embrace colours and patterns that will make your heart sing.

And once you have found that amazing, heart beating, jump for joy hero print - don't be shy, and put it somewhere you can see it!

"I am not an interior designer - I simply want to build your confidence so you can have a go yourself."


Now, I just want to say that I am not an interior designer, and I'm sure there are people who design rooms for a living may have their own thoughts on the right or wrong way to design a room. 

However, I want to simply build your confidence, and to give you some direction. To give you the tools to have a go yourself. Remember, nothing is permenant - we're not knocking down walls here! :)

I have some friends who have an amazing eye for colour and decor - they have an uncanny ability to clash loads of colours and make every room look incredible. I think most us are either so busy we don't have time, or are overwhelmed with where to start.

I will hold my hands up and say that I find colour and pattern together quite daunting! My comfort zone is pattern.  I read patterns like a book; I can see a repeat pattern easily and the rhythm in it's layout. I can absolutely spot a pattern that was created in a rush or by someone without a lot of design experience. But equally, when you find an amazing pattern; I appreciate the skill involved and the effort taken by someone who has honed their repeating pattern craft.

However, colour, I find that harder. It is definitely something that is both instinctual and something I research a lot. So unless you are one of those people blessed with a gift for creating amaze-balls colour palettes from scratch, I would take your inspiration from your hero print.


• The Colour Palette

Using your hero print as your starting point - select 3 colours from it that you will use to tie the rest of the trend/theme together. This will become your colour palette.

These colours will inform how to paint woodwork or walls, but will also help you to select complimentary fabrics, prints and accessories for the room.

Maximalist Decor Moodboard Idea

Example Arts and Crafts inspired moodboard by April Mawhinney Illustration

• The Moodboard

Creating a mood board which includes your hero print and the colour palette, is a great way to help with making decisions about the room you want to create.

I would also recommend going one step further and create a mood-board with images of accessories, textures and other elements that inspire you.


• Where to get inspiration


A great place to start with this, is to look on Pinterest and create boards with themes and rooms that you truly love.


Your Local Library's free digital magazine subscription.

Also, buying interior design magazines are good too, but these can be expensive. However, I discovered that if I join my local library here in the UK, I get free access to their online digital subscription of magazines. Amazing!! So I can flick through and read glossy lifestyle magazines, like Elle Decoration or World of Interiors for free on my iPad! So it may be worth investigating this. Especially if you are short on time, and popping to a shop to buy an actual  magazine is a challenge.


ELLE Decoration



DIY Shops

Also it goes without saying but popping into local DIY shops, getting free paint colour charts and wallpaper samples is good to.


• How to create the mood-board

All this aside, the main thing is to create a colour palette and a theme which will inspire you. If you are crafty, get out the paint, paper, scissors and create one you can stick up on the wall.

Or you can use a free online graphic design tool like Canva, (see below) which has mood-board templates to get you started. You just screenshot or download the images you like onto your device, and upload these into Canva.

Example of moodboards found in Canva

Example of Mood Boards Templates found in Canva.


You may also find it really helpful to have a photo of your mood-board on your phone. So when you are out and about, you can refer to it. This will really help you to focus and not get carried away and obsess over, for example that life-size pink flamingo statue.


So now it is over to you. I hope this has inspired you, and given you confidence that it isn't as scary as you may think to create a maximalist interior or a cohesive room. :)


I'd love to hear about your maximalist journey -  I'm always up for a chat and you can catch me over on my Instagram page.

In my next post, I am going to chat a bit about coordinating patterns and prints for your room! 

So, til next time,


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