When my Wallpaper World got turned upside down!

This week my current wallpaper manufacturer increased their wallpaper prices costs by 50%!!

It was completely unexpected and way above the prices increases planned by other companies in this sector.

This has completely shaken my business.

It threw my whole pricing structure into a place which was unsustainable.

After panic, anger and grief at the prospect of losing what I have poured my heart and soul into, I am now going to be working with one of the top wallpaper manufacturers in the UK

From mid November 2022 all of my wallpapers will be produced the new company.

They print wallpapers for big design names like Designers Guild and Bluebellgray. So although this situation is a complete pain in the posterior, it is an amazing opportunity to take my business to the next level!


What this means for you:

 • If you order after 30th Sept 2022

Over on my website and Etsy shop, I have marked my Paste the Wall wallpapers as Pre-Order only. Any orders for samples and rolls of wallpaper will not be sent out until I have moved over to the new supplier in November 2022.

You will still be able to place orders via Etsy and my Website, but please note you will be charged up front but the order will not be dispatched until it is ready for distribution.

After mid/end November, I will be removing the pre-order option (and you will see a Buy Now button on my shop instead of the current 'PreOrder' one) and returning to selling in the standard way. 


• If you have ordered before 28th Sept 2022

1. Samples

If you have already received a sample of wallpaper and would like to place an order for full rolls, please contact me before placing any orders. I will be more than happy to send you out a free sample of the new wallpaper when it is ready in mid November. This will allow you to see the new product and then place your order based on that.

2. Previously ordered rolls and would like more wallpaper

If you have ordered lengths of wallpaper and would like to order more, please do email me direct to chat about your requirements. My previous manufacturer are still operating, but it will mean that there is an increase in the price. It is my plan not to use them in the future, but I'm happy to place ad-hoc orders for customers who my need to match what they have already ordered in the past.

It is an investment to work with the new company - they are world class and with that comes upfront set up costs which until now have been prohibitive. BUT from them is a desire to form a personal connection with their clients, nurture strong working relationships and to get your product right first time. 


What this means for me

I'm heading across England to their factory and design studio soon, to spend a day creating the perfect wallpapers for my customers. I hope to share this journey with you in forthcoming newsletters and insta posts. So watch this space!

Phew!!! What a roller coaster  of a week! 

I hope this has been helpful - I want to be as transparent as possible about the current situation, so if you have any questions or concerns, please, please, please hit reply and reach out. I will be open and honest in answering any queries you may have about this transition and my wallpaper.

I will be in touch in a week (or so) with my next newsletter, and in the meantime, stay safe!

Above image courtesy of Nicola Gill at The Old Stout House

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