CLIENT: VO LAB, Innovative Genomics Institute of UC Berkeley

Recently, I completed an illustration project for the Vo lab, which is located in the Center for Translational Genomics at the Innovative Genomics Institute of UC Berkeley.


They loved the pencil drawn and watercolour aesthetic which I had used for the Little Red Riding Hood project (seen in my Portfiolio), and wanted to know if I could use this style to illustrate cells to be used as a hero image for their website.

It was an amazing project to be a part of! I have never undertaken a project with a biology/cell theme. I love when I undertake client projects that I get to learn a little bit about the subject for a short while.

Working together, they completed a client questionnaire for me. This helped answer lots of important questions, even in so far as knowing if they need their final images in RBG or CMYK.

I used a combination of real painted watercolour textures, which I scanned in, cleaned up and adjusted the brightness and colour. I transferred the a load of these textures into Procreate on my iPad where I drew the final illustration using a pencil brush.

We worked through roughs and drafts, and gave them around 6 different ideas and directions for the illustration. Through a few cycles of tweaks, redrawing and colour palette edits, it was completed. And in the end, I am thrilled with the direction this took and the final image.


If you like my style and would like to commission a project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can read more about my process here.

April x

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