CREATIVE Q&A: JOANNE TINLEY | Silversmith & Jewellery Designer

Joanne Tinley is a silversmith who works in her warm, colourful Hampshire studio. She creates beautifully patterned and wonderfully wearable silver and 24k gold jewellery for people who love being close to nature.

I used to be in the same studio collective as Joanne, and I have loved her jewellery for many years now, so I was thrilled when she agreed to take part in my Q&A Blog post. Scroll down to read her answers and see images of her fabulous work…


Joanne’s Golden Watercolour Collection combines the luxurious warmth of soft 24k gold with the strength of silver to create warm, muted two-toned pendants and earrings, whilst the whilst the Classic Watercolour Collection showcases beautifully textured fresh silver.

The Woodland Watercolour Collection takes traditional motifs such as leaf, flower, fox and hare and gives them a playful and contemporary twist to create pendants, necklaces and brooches. Her favourites are the foxes and hares as they are more of a challenge to saw from the sheet metal - but don’t tell the other designs!



Instagram: @joannetinleyjewellery

Facebook: @joannetinleyjewellery

Describe your creative style in 3 words.

Nature-inspired, tactile, feminine.


What made you decide to be an Artist?

 I always made jewellery, and in the last few years of my teaching career I set up the basics of a jewellery design and teaching business without planning to or realising it – jewellery in a couple of local galleries, craft shows, teaching workshops, writing projects for craft magazines. When I was thinking about whether I really did want to go back into teaching after having my eldest son I decided to give the jewellery business a proper go. That was just over 12 years ago and although it’s just as hard work as teaching I love it!


What are you most proud of so far in your career, any highlights you’d like to share?
 I’m really pleased that my jewellery has been sold by the National Trust (and hoping to do more of that!). On the teaching side of things I am always delighted when students say how much they enjoy my classes and how relaxed and enthused my classes make them – in these days of rushing around I’m glad I can help people slow down every now and then.


Which artist or designer inspires you?

 Jewellery-wise, Chris Boland uses amazing stones to create the most beautiful rings. I tend to use work in my commissions rather than my gallery and website pieces, but Chris’s work fascinates me! On a wider artistic scale, I love both Angie Lewin and Jane Ormes, how they take their inspiration from nature and layer the textures and shapes.


Favourite tool you use in your creative practice?  
I can’t choose between my jewellers saw and my rolling mill!


What top tip would you give to anyone who would like to turn their creative passion into their career?
 Find your own style. It’s all very well making variations of someone else’s work when you’re learning (not that you ever really stop learning!) and when you’re not making it to sell, but if you don’t find your own style you will become stagnant and, what’s more, your customers will soon realise and your business won’t grow. Lead, don’t follow!

What are you reading now?
 I’m working my way through the Dragons of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey – again! I’ve been reading her books since I was a teenager and still love them. I had the honour of meeting her at her house in Ireland about 18 years ago now.

What music are you listening to at work/in your studio?
 The Beatles today! I listen to almost anything that isn’t heavy metal, rap or opera. Can’t be anything too fast in the studio though otherwise my sawing gets a bit too frantic.

First app you open on your phone in the morning?
 Facebook – oh dear, that’s bad!

Favourite Tipple?
 Don’t drink, never liked it!

Favourite flower or plant?

Roses at the moment. We’ve recently moved and the roses in our new garden are stunning.


Are you named after anyone?

 My Dad liked sound of the name of someone he used to work with, but not named after her as such.

Tea or Coffee?

Summer or Winter?
 Both! Actually prefer Spring and early Autumn, seeing the changes in the seasons.

Red or Green?

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