Point Line Plane Glassware is handcrafted by artist Alex Hoare. Unusual vessels, dishes and slabs in kilnformed glass echo with rich palettes, forms and marks inspired by land and sea.

I was really drawn to her work and was thrilled when she agreed to take part in this Creative Q&A post.


Alex's distinctive style has developed over 20 years working as an artist in a variety of creative disciplines, including scenography, art installation, textiles and arts administration.  These collections in glass bring together Alex's unique vision of the world, strongly influenced by her work in scenography observing colour, light and space. Alex is drawn to our experience of place, and triggers within the landscape that stimulate memory: A colour, texture or mark made by human hand or objects adrift in the land or sea.


Instagram: @alexhoareartist

Describe your creative style in 3 words.

 Fluid. Experiential. Tactile.


What made you decide to be an Artist?

 Creating the opportunity to make a living from developing ranges of glass in forms, colours and through processes that I love, and the need to separate my commercial work from my more developmental and experimental work in art installation.


Which artist or designer inspires you?

 James Turrell


What top tip would you give to anyone who would like to turn their creative passion into their career?
 Just keep going even when things seem tough, and keep evolving as you learn about your work and the environment you are operating in. Be clear about where you sit in the market. Sorry that’s several tips!

What are you reading now?
 Laura Marks: Touch.  Sensous Theory and Multisensory Media (I am studying part time for a PhD!!)

What music are you listening to at work/in your studio?
 I tend to listen to Radio 3 in the mornings to educate myself in classical music (which I have only come to enjoy in recent years!) and then Radio 4 in the afternoon or Bob Dylan when Radio 4 is annoying me.

First app you open on your phone in the morning?
 Emails after Breakfast.

Favourite Tipple?

Favourite flower or plant?


Tea or Coffee?
 Tea or Coffee depends on time of day!

Summer or Winter?
 Summer and Winter (and Spring and Autumn)

Red or Green?
 Green if I had to choose.

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