Customer Spotlight: Deadly Nightshade Fabric

When a customer creates a magical window dressing in her home.

I’m going to start by saying that I’ve been sitting on these photos from the lovely Tara for months.

I’m officially pants! Since the Summer, I’m forgotten to post birthday presents, forgotten to book my kids flu vaccinations and managed to forget my kids packed lunch once. Autumn is mental - my business picks up in the Winter, as people start decorating post Spring builds/renovations/home refreshes and I always manage to feel the overwhelm. And yes, there was even one year I managed to send one of my kids to school without knickers on!! They were only 4 at the time, and I never will forget the confusion caused in school. Anyway…. I digress….

Deadly Nightshade Window Dressing.

The wonderful Tara ordered some of my Arsenic Deadly Nightshade Linen Cotton fabric and had it shipped all the way from the U.K to the US. She told me she had grand plans for her window dressing, but I had no idea how grand her plans were. When she sent me the photos, I was absolutely blown away with her end result.

Dried moss, dried mushrooms, insects, beetles, faux birds and skulls, combine with sumptuous satin fabrics, fringe trims and lighting.

This gothic delight is just dreamy!

I love it Tara! Thank you so much for seeing a vision for my fabric & the hours you put in to creating this show stopper.

April x

Keep scrolling for all the photos... :)

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