Walls with Heart: Sustainable Luxury Wallpapers

At April Mawhinney Illustration, we take pride in offering a range of luxury non-woven FSC approved wallpapers that are exclusively printed in the U.K.


What does 'FSC Approved' mean?

'FSC Approved' stands for Forest Stewardship Council approved. It is a certification that ensures the paper used in our wallpapers comes from responsibly managed forests. 

The paper industry heavily relies on forests to meet the demand for paper products. However, if not sourced sustainably, it can contribute to deforestation and harm the environment. By choosing FSC approved wallpapers, you are making a conscious decision to support responsible forestry and help preserve our planet.


That's great, so now tell me what are 'non-woven' wall coverings?

'Non-woven' means that our wallpaper is made from a sheet of directionally or randomly orientated fibres bonded together by chemical or other means.

How are They Different from Paper?

Non-woven wall coverings offer several advantages over traditional paper wallpapers:

1. Higher Strength & Better Tear Resistance

Non-woven wall coverings are known for their superior strength. And, unlike paper wallpapers, non-woven wall coverings have better tear resistance, especially when wet. 

2. Easier to Cut

When it comes to installation, non-woven wall coverings are a breeze to work with. They are easier to cut, especially when wet, allowing for quicker and more precise hanging.

3. Easy Installation and Removal

Installing and removing non-woven wall coverings is a hassle-free process. Unlike paper wallpapers that require pasting the paper, non-woven wallpapers are paste-the-wall, making the installation quick and easy. When it's time for a change, they are much easier to remove than paper wall coverings, and peel off the wall without the same amount of ripping.

4. Luxurious Feel

Non-woven wall coverings have a thicker feel compared to paper wallpapers and appear more textile-like in appearance. This adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your space, creating a visually stunning backdrop for any room in your home.

Now, if only we can decide with wallpaper is our favourite!!


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